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LipoLab introduces a revolutionary anti-body fat control product, offering quick and efficient fat and cellulite reduction across various body areas, including the face, chest, arms, legs, abdomen, and buttocks. Say goodbye to surgery and recovery periods—LipoLab restores your facial and body contours effortlessly while significantly enhancing skin condition, eliminating tubercles, bumps, and roughness.

Key Features:

1. Effective Fat and Cellulite Reduction:
Lipo Lab PPC Solution utilizes advanced “nano needling” technology to eliminate fat cells and cellulite painlessly. Specifically designed for sensitive skin, it ensures no bruising, swelling, or redness post-treatment.

2. High-Quality, Safe Ingredients:
The main ingredient, an ultra-purified form of PPC (phosphatidylcholine) sodium deoxycholate, is renowned for its ability to enhance metabolism and dissolve fat, boosting energy levels. With raw material purity of 99.8% and deoxycholate purity levels at 98%, LipoLab guarantees safety and effectiveness.

3. Proven Results with Minimal Downtime:
LipoLab offers a non-surgical fat removal solution, delivering rapid results with minimal recovery time. A series of injections, spaced 10 days apart, target stubborn fat areas and enhance skin elasticity without disrupting daily routines.

4. Celebrity Endorsements and Global Popularity:
Endorsed by celebrities like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears and embraced in over 60 countries, LipoLab’s PPC injections are hailed as the “2nd Botox” for their efficacy in treating obesity and enhancing aesthetic appearance.

5. Comprehensive Application:
LipoLab can be applied to various body parts, including the chin, cheeks, abdomen, thighs, and more, effectively addressing fat deposits resistant to traditional methods.

Water, Phosphatidylcholine, Sodium deoxycholate, Carnitine, Benzyl alcohol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben.

How It Works:
LipoLab adopts a non-invasive approach to destroy fat cells. Lidocaine in the injections ensures painless application, providing immediate, natural-looking results after just the second treatment.

Treatment Recommendation:

– Procedure: Inject 0.2~0.4cc per injection into the subcutaneous tissue with injections spaced about 1 centimeter apart.
– Frequency: Treatments should be repeated 2~3 times with a 15-day interval between sessions, depending on the treated area and desired results.

Deoxycholic acid 5 mg per 1 ml, water, L-carnitine hydrochloride.

Store in a cool, dry place between 2°C – 25°C.

Shelf Life:
24 months from the manufacturing date.

LipoLab stands as a cost-effective and accessible alternative to surgery, offering efficient and safe body contouring solutions for all.

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