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VOM O Dermal Filler (2x1ml)


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VOM presents a range of injectable hyaluronic acid-based fillers developed by CG Bio Co., Ltd., meticulously designed to address wrinkles of varying severity. The series comprises three distinct fillers: VOM V, VOM O, and VOM M, each tailored to target fine lines, deep wrinkles, and the most profound age-related creases. Featuring unique multi-phase solutions containing hyaluronic acid in a cross-linked polymer form, these fillers ensure optimal viscosity and stability, empowering practitioners to effectively correct wrinkles of any degree based on injection type.

VOM O with Lidocaine: Tailored Medium Intensity Wrinkle Correction

VOM O with Lidocaine stands out as a filler rooted in hyaluronic acid, specifically engineered to tackle medium-intensity wrinkles. This product boasts a groundbreaking multi-phase formula crafted through R2 technology, wherein hyaluronic acid in a cross-linked polymeric form adorns gel particles, yielding a solution of impeccable viscosity and density. The strategic injection of this filler into the deep skin layer or subcutaneously enables a myriad of cosmetic objectives, from diminishing forehead lines to smoothing nasolabial furrows, enhancing lip volume, and non-surgically refining nasal contours. With hyaluronic acid as a natural compound, allergic reactions are a thing of the past, while the incorporation of lidocaine ensures virtually painless treatments.

Strengths of VOM O:

– Deeply penetrating formula effectively diminishes pronounced wrinkles.
– Multi-phase composition ensures optimal filler viscosity.
– Unique patented composition and ideal density facilitate easy integration into the skin’s deep layer.
– Non-animal-derived hyaluronic acid minimizes allergic reactions.

VOM O Indications:

– Correction of medium wrinkles
– Forehead wrinkle reduction
– Nasolabial fold smoothing
– Nasal shape enhancement
– Lip augmentation

VOM O Specifications:

– Package includes: 2 pre-filled syringes × 1.0 ml
– Needle size: 27G 1/2 ‘
– Product composition: Hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml, 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride
– Manufacturer: CG Bio Co., Ltd., South Korea
– Product intended for professional use only.
– By purchasing, you affirm that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.

Experience the transformative potential of VOM O for refined, youthful-looking skin.

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